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Redfern Machinery Partners with Nordmeccanica

2019 continues to be a year of big change for Redfern Machinery, as we take on our first ever agency to become the UK & Ireland representatives for the global market leader in coating and laminating, Nordmeccanica.

We’ve been offered several agencies in the past, but they’ve never felt quite right. Nordmeccanica, however, feels like the perfect fit – a timely partnership allowing this Italian-born company to connect more widely with UK companies, and to build on our own reputation for excellence, extensive network and engineering capabilities.

As agents for Nordmeccanica, we’ll work with them to raise the profile of Nordmeccanica’s coating and laminating excellence and metallizing innovations, which offer integrated solutions for multiple industry requirements, including food packaging, high-level decoration, brand protection and security, pharmaceutical packing, photovoltaics and energy conservation.

A Unique Breed of Metallizers

With the company currently placing a particularly strong focus on their metallizers, we asked Luiciano Baldin, Europe Sales Manager, to explain why Nordmeccanica metallizers are the best.

“Nordmeccanica metallizers are designed with unique solutions to guarantee high and consistent production with all film materials and industry conditions, due to a powerful vacuum generation, and an efficient and fully controlled deposition system.

These solutions also guarantee high metallized film properties, such as barrier, metal adhesion, and surface quality due to the latest process innovations (such as ‘barrier- met’ for metal coated films and ‘AlOx’ for transparent barrier products).

Our special coating solutions are designed to respond to the variety of multiple industries applications, such as ‘pattern metallization’, optically active and holographic films, and paper metallization.”

Why we love Nordmeccanica

It’s not just because of the quality of Nordmeccanica’s machines, or the great technical support they offer, or the most tidy and organised factory sites we’ve ever seen(!) ­– it’s also the values that Nordmeccanica stands for as a company.

Meeting the team in person, from production through sales to spares, we were greeted with true passion and a genuine desire in Nordmeccanica employees to do the best job for customers that they can. A family-owned company run by the Antonio Cerciello and his two sons, you can see that every one who works for Nordmeccanica feels they’re a part of that family too.


1. Redfern Machinery Managing Director Richard Redfern shakes Nordmeccanica President Antonio Cerciello’s hand as contracts are signed.
2. Former Nordmeccanica agent Tom Wiltshire of Wantzen (left) passes the baton to Richard Redfern, with Nordmeccanica Sales Area Manager Luciano Baldin and President Antonio Cerciello.
3. Richard Redfern and Tom Wiltshire admire an early vaccuum pump inside one of Nordmeccanica’s spotless factories.
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